About-Us: Jewelry
MexZotic is an On-Line Jewelry Store with many benefits to Customers, Members, Retailers and Wholesalers. Introducing our many Exciting collections ranging from the Handcrafted Mexican Silver Collections, Latest Fashion Jewelry, Genuine Agate Gemstones and Certified Freshwater Pearls;
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Fashion Collection

Introducing our Brand New and Exciting Range of Fashion Jewelry, manufactured to the same high quality standards as our other Collections offering a new selection of Silver Charms, Genuine Gemstones and Freshwater Pearls.

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MexZotic Collection

A huge range of everyday solid silver jewelry to suit all tastes and all budgets, with over 2,500 individual items manufactured out of solid sterling silver 0.925. All of our Jewelry collections are covered by our exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Mexicana Collection

Alternate designs with a very Mexican flavored theme that will appeal to buyers who want that little something different. Specializing in gem stones and handcrafted solid silver settings. Mexicana offers the very best in traditional and contemporary Mexican sterling silver jewelry & accessories, stones & ceramics. Individually chosen, our pieces give you a flavor of traditional design inspired by Mexican Silver Renaissance mixed with more modern, contemporary pieces.

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Mystique Collection

A high end, hand-picked, rare collection of exquisite jewelry taste to suit the discerning Buyer, Collector or Jewelry Lover. We offer a wide selection of vintage Mexican jewelry, with ornate pieces from the early twentieth century, to bolder designs of the art deco period as well as more modern pieces from the last twenty years.

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Modelo Collection

Modern styling and traditional craftsmanship are the hallmarks of this hand- picked collection. If you are looking for something just that little different, you will find it here.

The information contained in the Membership Video and in The Business page and Membership page will give you a detailed explanation of what Membership is all about, how the club operates, the various Membership Level benefits and the expected income stream that can be achieved from Product Sales Profit & Commission Credit.

MexZotic Jewelry can be purchased by anyone. New Customers can shop online and buy instantly or sign up for our Membership Program and enjoy HUGE Discounts on our entire Jewelry Collections….plus additional Membership Rewards and Benefits. MexZotic Membership is designed for anyone (male or female) that has a passion for Quality Fashion Jewelry or Mexican Designed & Handcrafted Silver Jewelry looking for Competitive Pricing. Membership can also become a home based business which can offer a supplemental or part time income. Our unique jewelry collections will appeal to all ages and all budgets. Membership has many benefits including Monthly Specials, Discount Coupons, Jewelry Parties, not to mention Rewards and Bonuses for introducing new Customers & Members to our Club.

MexZotic is headquartered on the Gold Coast, Australia & in Taxco, Mexico. It is represented globally through a dedicated team of Authorised Importers, Distributors & Resellers. It is a business network for Members aimed at providing both a genuine business model and a genuine product. The innovative design of the Program and the various money making methods within the Program allows for all Members to make a monthly income from either the direct sale of Jewelry Products or by introducing new Members.

MexZotic is a direct sales model selling Modern, Designer, Vintage, Fashion Jewelry, Retro and Classic pieces manufactured from .925 Solid Sterling Silver, .925 Stamped Silver, Genuine Agate Gemstones and Certified Freshwater Pearl jewelry.

MexZotic is NOT a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) business.

MexZotic makes it easy for new Customers to start buying jewelry and enjoy instant discounts. Members can get started with a choice of three levels to suit every style and budget. Choose from Importer, Distributor or Reseller status. Check out the Member Benefits in our Members Area. Simply register with your email address to gain access to the Members Area and see what all the excitement is about with this amazing opportunity.