Host Benefits

Having a Jewelry Party Event with MexZotic is fun, financially rewarding and easy..!!

There’s no better way to gain financial freedom than to get together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere to laugh, talk, enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee, than at your very own MexZotic Jewelry Host Party! Your party will be even more exciting when you hear how easy it is to earn discounted jewelry and free gifts for your party guests!

As a MexZotic host, you could earn up to $150 in free Jewelry credit based on your party sales, up to 6 Jewelry items at 50% off retail price and up to $100 in free jewelry credit bonus. Just sit back and enjoy your evening while your MexZotic Consultant does the rest. What are you waiting for? Let’s have a party!

Host Benefits at a Glance
Guest Sales Free Jewelry Credit # Items @ 50% Off Future Host Bookings Host Bonus
$1000 + 150 6 Free item w/2 bookings Up to $100 Credit
$900 - $999 135 5 Free item w/2 bookings Up to $100 Credit
$800 - $899 120 5 Free item w/2 bookings Up to $100 Credit
$700 - $799 105 4 Free item w/2 bookings Up to $100 Credit
$600 - $699 90 3 Free item w/2 bookings Up to $100 Credit
$500 - $599 75 3 Free item w/2 bookings Up to $100 Credit
$400 - $499 60 2 Free item w/2 bookings Up to $100 Credit
$300 - $399 45 2 Free item w/2 bookings Up to $100 Credit
$200 - $299 30 2 Free item w/2 bookings Up to $100 Credit
$100 - $199 20 1 Free item w/2 bookings Up to $100 Credit
Explanatory Notes:
  1. Guest Sales: Sales per Host Party Event and is shown as the total gross volume Retail Sales (including forward orders) of all combined guests including the Host. Average Host Party Event sales are usually in the region of $650 per Event.
  2. Free Jewelry Credit: The USD$ dollar amount of accrued credit that the host can exchange for MexZotic jewelry at full retail cost. The credit is valid for 12 months from the date of the Host Party Event. Credit purchases exclude shipping and handling charges.
  3. # Items @ 50% Off: Shown as the number of single jewelry items or sets that the Host can purchase at 50% off full Retail Cost in addition to the Free Jewelry Credit. The # Items @ 50% off cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer or discounted special price items. The number of items awarded to the Host is based on the total gross volume Retail Sales value sold at any one Host Party Event.
  4. Future Host Bookings: Free jewelry item selected from the MexZotic jewelry range which is awarded to the Host for a minimum of two (2) future Jewelry Host Party Events and are booked by attending guests.
  5. Host Bonus: Total of up to $100 in additional jewelry credit for the following items; a. $25 for having the Host Party Event on the originally-scheduled date b. $25 for collecting $100 in advance orders c. $25 for having eight (8) guests or more in attendance (18 years of age or older) d. $25 for three (3) or more Host Party Events booked by her guests
  6. MexZotic will provide or subsidize at our cost, all items listed above. In addition, all Host Party guests will receive a FREE jewelry pouch or other special FREE gifts.
  7. Above figures are recommended Host compensation plans only and can be modified by any Reseller, Distributor or Importer at their own expense. The figures do not offer or suggest offering any form of guaranteed compensation plan, member commission or guaranteed product sales commission. Results may vary depending on individual circumstances and performance.
  8. Shipping and handling fees are paid by customer and as such are not factored into above figures.